Maserati to unveil Grand Cherokee-based SUV in Frankfurt

It's go time over at the Modena headquarters of Maserati. The automaker itself set the ambitious target of doubling its sales figures, but its corporate overlord Sergio Marchionne wants the brand to increase their sales tenfold. That's ambitious and then some, and in order to get there, the Trident marque is going to need some new product.

Fortunately, Maserati has just such plans in store. And we already know a bit about all of 'em. The Quattroporte will be replaced by two new sedans – one smaller and one larger than the current model – while a new SUV is set to join the lineup for the first time. What we didn't know is that the sport-ute is set, according to reports, for unveiling at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show next month.

The vehicle, based on the latest Jeep Grand Cherokee, will likely debut in concept form at first. So it might be a while before we find out whether it will carry Maserati's own V8 engine or something from the Chrysler parts bin, but we should have a good idea of what we're looking at when the concept is unveiled next week. Stay tuned.

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