Marchionne seeking 10x sales increase for Maserati?

Sergio Marchionne is looking to expand the Fiat Group empire, and one of Mr. M's plans is to bringing more Maserati vehicles into the world. And we're not talking about a small jump in sales either. Marchionne wants to expand Maserati sales tenfold.

That's a rather bold undertaking, and would require Maserati to climb from 5,675 units sold last year to over 50,000 per year. How does Marchionne intend to accomplish this feat? Through the introduction of new models to reach a wider audience.

The planned new additions include a Quattroporte replacement, a smaller sedan and a sport utility vehicle. The larger family will certainly help attract more eyeballs, but is it enough to push sales 10 times higher? We think that might be a bit ambitious, but as the number of wealthy citizens climbs around the world it's certainly possible.

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