EV Connect, Fisker's official EVSE installer, worked to get the luxury feel

We first caught wind that EV Connect would be the "exclusive EVSE services provider" for the Fisker Karma back in June, but the two companies were in discussions about working together for half a year before that. Brett Hauser, the chief operating officer of EV Connect, told AutoblogGreen during the Plug-In 2011 Conference in Raleigh, NC recently that formalizing the Fisker partnership took six months, in part to make sure that the "luxury feel" was present in the service. Now that the two companies are publicly working together and the first cars are in the hands of the fist customers, we can share some details about what Karma drivers can expect when they sign up for their car's power cord.

Hauser said that 75-80 percent of Karma buyers will want and get EV Connet's base installation, which costs $1,495. The other 20-25 percent will be people who need a second meter or where there is an unusual geographical situation; they will indubitably pay more. Since Karma buyers are already forking over at least $95,900 for the car itself, cost isn't the major issue here, and EV Connect wanted to make the EVSE installation and permitting process as painless as possible. The permitting usually isn't that difficult, but Hauser said that not every contractor does it right. These things need to be done correctly, if only for insurance purposes, he said, adding "It is not just about the wiring."

EV Connect also wants the process to be quick. Hauser said the industry average to inspect a location, get the permits and install the chargers is 14-21 days, but EV Connect's target is to do it in less than 14 days. This will be sped up if customers choose the Fisker-approved Lear EVSE, but customers can choose any unit they want. Hause said that EV Connect has already installed some EVSE in private homes and is now speaking to the next wave of customers, but the exact installation numbers are secret – just like whether or not EV Connect has been over to Leonardo DiCaprio's house.

[Source: EV Connect]

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