Fisker raising price of already-expensive Karma plug-in hybird to $95,900 *UPDATE

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Quick pop quiz: what was the original price of the Fisker Karma when it was revealed at the Detroit Auto Show in early 2008? $80,000. That price seems quaint compared to a reader email we got today that says that Fisker Automotive is going to up the price (again) to $95,900. (In late 2008, Fisker said the Karma would cost $87,900.) Of course, we already know that this luxury plug-in hybrid has been delayed – the original release date was late 2009 – and that the company will be passing on the 2010 Detroit show. Still, by all accounts, the first customers delivers will take place some time in the spring of 2011. Probably.

The price increase information comes from an email sent to reader Nick from Fisker of Santa Monica and Nick writes to use that the email said "final" pricing for the 2011 Fisker Karma sedan is as follows:
EcoStandard: $95,900
EcoSport: $103,000
EcoChic: $108,900

Note that all of the above models also incur a $950 destination charge on top of the above MSRPs.

They've also given guidance on options which are now at the following levels:
Tri-Tone Leather Interior: $2,200
Diamond Dust Paint (thought originally to be standard): $3,000
"Special Paint" : $3,000

Karma should be available for a test drive in late February or early March according to the e-mail.
We've asked Fisker for confirmation about this information, but given the history, it wouldn't surprise us if it's all true. Thanks to Nick for the tip!

*UPDATE: Turns out, that $80,000 price from the 2008 NAIAS is now being called "an estimated price range," even though the press release at the time said Fisker "proudly presents its first vehicle ... with a starting price of $80,000." We heard back from Fisker spokesman Russell Datz, who writes:
The Karma will be the first car to offer luxury vehicle buyers a truly responsible alternative.
With a starting price of $95,900 the Karma is hands down the best value combination of style, performance, efficiency, luxury, sustainability and exclusive powertrain technology.
At $88,400 after federal tax incentives, the Karma is within $500 of its originally announced MSRP of $87,900. Local incentives offer additional savings.
With an MSRP of $95,900 the Karma is within 10% of the originally announced MSRP of $87,900 announced in 2009 - an incremental change over the course of two years.
The Karma starts $19,500 less than a similarly-equipped Tesla Roadster - $20,500 less when you include destination charges.
The Karma starts $1,400 less than a Porsche Panamera S (both 400hp) after $7500 federal tax incentives are applied. Local incentives offer additional savings. Karma can run on no gas and will be much more exclusive.
There is additional value added in design and equipment improvements such as the now-standard integrated solar roof panel, which would have been a $5000 option
So, yeah. $95,900.

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