Cosa Designs reaches back to give the Lamborghini Gallardo a Reventón redo

Did you miss your opportunity to get your hands on a Lamborghini Reventón before Sant'Agata's small batch was all spoken for? Well, some might not call spending a cool million on what tangibly amounted to a (spectacularly) rebodied Murciélago an "opportunity," but if you were enamored of the limited-edition Lambo's styling but were hoping for a smaller form and maybe a smaller price tag, this could be it.

Based on the first-gen Gallardo, a German tuning house by the name of Cosa Design has come out with the edgy body kit you see here. Far more than the usual bolt-on front splitter, side skirts, rear wing and apron, Cosa's take on the Gallardo is a rather comprehensive rebody.

The modifications are apparently applied to the original 2003-spec Gallardo coupe, and not current LP560-4. (If you're wincing at the outdated machinery, just keep in mind that the Reventón was based on the even-older Murciélago.) Cosa then boosts the output from 500 horsepower stock up to 540. Part of that comes from the new variable exhaust system, good for an extra twenty horses or so. Those extra ponies join a set of 20-inch alloys, adjustable coilover suspension and upgraded brakes on the spec list.

The result looks like it's about to transform into a robot from outer space, yet would look right at home next to a Reventón. And while we haven't seen the pricing sheet, you can bet it'll cost you less than seven figures when all's said and done.

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