Bowler's first production rally-raider to cost nearly $250,000

With some of the most ferocious high-speed off-road vehicles under its belt, Bowler is no stranger to conquering new territory. But its latest project is something entirely different for the British rally-raid racing firm.

The company was recently purchased by Coventry Prototype Panels (CPP), the same outfit that gobbled up the Spyker sportscar company when all of the company's cash was tied up in Saab – and it's also the same company that's forming a partnership with Zagato. They recently hired Steve Haywood as the brand's managing director, and the ex-Land Rover chief engineer is now hard at work taking Bowler to a place it's never been before: the street.

Historically, Bowler's vehicles have start out with Range Rover mechanicals, which were then modified extensively for Dakar-class rally raid competition. But Haywood has joined the firm to bring the company's first street-legal, commercially available product (previously known as the Nemesis) to market.

While specifications are a long way off from being finalized, Autocar reports that Haywood and Bowler figure on demand for about 150 to 200 units – ten times more than the competition-spec vehicles it currently products – at a price of around £150,000. At nearly $250,000, that's twice the price of even the top-spec factory Range Rover. That's a lot of cash, but we can think of a few places in the world where they've got the cash and appetite for such extravagance.

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