BMW DesignworksUSA gets on track with San Francisco BART contract

BMW: Bus, Metro, Walk. That was the tongue-in-cheek acronym we used to refer to public transport back in Montreal where this blogger grew up, but it's San Francisco that's about to have its underground mass transit system overhauled by BMW.

The Bay Area Rapid Transit System (BART) is the fifth-largest urban train system in the country, but its fleet is the oldest. That's why, according to reports, the transit commission has turned to BMW DesignworksUSA to give it a full overhaul.

The contract reportedly includes redoing the exterior and interior of the rail cars, as well as the operator's controls and the PA system at each of BART's 44 stations. This won't be the first time that BMW's design consulting subsidiary has taken on such a project, having recently undertaken a similar overhaul together with Siemens on the metro system in Warsaw, Poland, pictured above.

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