Online Find of the Day: 1997 Porsche 911 GT1 Strassenversion

Porsche is planning a full-on return to Le Mans in 2014, and while the German marque may be the most successful in the iconic race's history, the last time it took an overall victory there was in 1998 with the 911 GT1.

The regulations for the GT1 class at the time mandated a limited run of homologated street versions, and that's what you see here. Called the Straßenversion (that antiquated ß character in the German alphabet substituting for a double S), only 25 examples were made, and one's up for sale.

As a street-legal road car, the 911 GT1 Straßenversion followed the 959 and preceded the Carrera GT at the top of Porsche's lineup. While most were fitted with a version of the competition-spec 3.2-liter flat six with 536 horsepower, the seller of this particular example says his has been re-tuned to 690 hp. The car's asking price is €1.2 million (about $1.7 million), and it's currently located in Japan.

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