Plug-In 2011: Rogers Electric going to be quite busy installing EV charging stations real soon

Rogers Electric may be a fairly new name on AutoblogGreen, but the company has been working in the electrical contractor/installation field since 1983 and has a lot of experience doing somewhat boring but also important electric infrastructure work. After all these decades, 2011 was the year when Rogers got into the plug-in vehicle game.

Based in Atlanta, Rogers recently installed the DC quick charger at Mitsubishi Motors North America's Cypress, CA headquarters (pictured) and has a deal with the Japanese automaker to install Level 2 charging stations at Mitsubishi dealerships across the U.S. With roughly 200 dealerships and three stations per location, Rogers will have a lot of installations to do before the end of 2012, which is when the units are supposed to be ready.

It's not just Mitsubishi that is calling on Rogers. At the Plug-In 2011 Conference here in Raleigh, NC, the CEO and president of Rogers Electric, Chris Rogers, told AutoblogGreen that his company has installed the three charging station in Raleigh and, overall, Rogers plans to install 200 more charging stations in 2011: 50 in North Carolina, another 50 in Florida and 100 others across the country (for Fortune 500 companies and in various parking structures, for example).

The reason that Mitsubishi chose Rogers is because of Rogers' previous ties to Eaton, which is the company that makes all of Mitsubishi's charging stations. Rogers also works with Home Depot to charge that company's forklifts and has installed many large generators, so getting into the plug-in vehicle charging game was a natural progression, Rogers said.

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