More evidence of 2012 Porsche 911 seven-speed manual transmission? [w/video]

There were a whole lot of hidden Easter eggs in the official next-generation 911 teaser video that Porsche released this week. Despite the fabric camouflage, we could clearly see a new Panamera-inspired center console, the 991 generation's longer dimensions and a flat-six engine that's been moved even closer to the center of the car. One thing we didn't catch the first time around, though, is what may just be hard evidence of the fabled seven-speed manual transmission.

Take a close look at the zoom-in callout in the screen grab above. It's hard to notice, but see those extra lines going up and to the right at the end of the gear shift pattern? In today's manual transmission Porsche models, reverse gear is up and to the left, meaning that if we're looking at this correctly, the extra etching in the 911's shift knob would appear to be corroboration of a seventh gear.

If so, welcome to the future, manual transmission. Follow the jump to see the original Porsche 911 teaser video.

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