Find all the easter eggs in Porsche's 911 teaser

The next iteration of the Porsche 911 is set to debut at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show and with the unveiling just a few months away, that means the factory-authorized teasers can officially begin.

Porsche snagged the video crew from Tangent Vector to tag along during the 991's final prototype validation in South Africa, and you can find the resulting teaser after the jump. But before you make the leap...

In the span of one minute and 22 seconds, Porsche has managed to squeeze in a host of details about the next 911, with coupe, convertible and psuedo-targa models all in attendance. The most telling shots we've assembled in the gallery above, including a Panamera-inspired center console, an obviously lengthened wheelbase (somewhere in the neighborhood of 97 inches) and an engine that continues to slowly creep forward with each successive generation. Naturally, we can't tell if these mules are powered by the new 350-horsepower 3.5-liter flat-six that will be shared by the Boxster S or the uprated 3.8-liter mill, but check out the full video below the fold to find the rest of the hidden clues.

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