If you watched Conan O'Brien in his final days on NBC, you may have seen the Bugatti Veyron Mouse. Now feast your eyes on the Asus Lamborghini mouse.

A product of the same collaboration that has already turned out a series of laptop computers and external hard drives, the Asus WX Lamborghini Wireless Mouse packs Sant'Agata's famously edgy styling into a computer peripheral. It's available in white, yellow or black, packs a little tire for a scroll wheel and, of course, Lamborghini's often imitated (but never duplicated) logo perched prominently on top. It even sports a USB dongle that stows inside the mouse, has a range of 33 feet and is available for $80.

So why, you ask, would you need a Lamborghini mouse? Well aside from its trademark pinpoint precision and speedy maneuvering, if you've already got an Acer Ferrari laptop hooked up to a LaCie Porsche Design hard-drive on your Bugatti desk, you're not about to control it all with just any old mouse now, are you? Of course not.

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