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Lamborghini sues Vegas restaurant and exotic car dealer for trademark infringement

Does the logo at right remind you of anything? If you answered "Lamborghini", you're both right and wrong. Because it's not the Bolognese automaker's logo. Nor is it the emblem of the Tonino Lamborghini product design company, which is in fact no longer directly associated with the sportscar manufacturer. It doesn't even belong to the South American outfit that was once licensed by Sant'Agata to use the name, or the tractor company that started it all.
This logo "belongs" to an Italian restaurant and exotic car dealership on the Las Vegas strip called Dal Toro. Not only does the emblem appear in the eatery/showroom, it also shows up on merchandise which the establishment is marketing. And according to the UPI, it's the subject of a lawsuit between the establishment's owners and the car company.

The Italian automaker refers to the pilfering and use of its logo as "studied imitations of the Lamborghini trademarks" and a "sophisticated and elaborate scheme to target Lamborghini." We're not quite sure we'd go that far, but there appears to be case for trademark violation to be made here, and while Dal Toro's management has reportedly yet to receive any legal petitions over the issue, Lamborghini is apparently prepared to take it to court.

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