Automakers airing ads attacking proposed 56 mpg fuel standard

Automakers are already on the attack against President Barack Obama's proposed 56 mpg corporate average fuel economy standards by 2025. The Detroit Free Press is reporting that automakers have launched a radio ad campaign against the proposed targets in seven states, including Michigan. The ads say that requiring the auto industry to meet the steep fuel economy increases will cause higher vehicle prices, fewer vehicle options and, worst of all, job losses. Advocates of the 56 mpg standard claim just the opposite, saying that any increases in vehicle price will be offset by fuel savings over time.

Meanwhile, the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers says that it hopes to start discussions on "the importance of the consumer" with these ads. The White House maintains that it hopes to work with all interested parties on setting up fair fuel economy standards for the future. The President has already mentioned the possibility of separate standards for large SUVs and pickup trucks.

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