Video: Mika Brzezinksi Drives Hard, Toward a Salary Boost And In Her Toyota

Gone In Sixty Seconds

As we know from Mika Brzezinski's book Knowing Your Value -- in which she chronicles her fight for greater salary equality with her Morning Joe co-host, Joe Scarborough -- the news anchor certainly drives a hard bargain.

But she also drives hard, in her 1982 manual Toyota Land Cruiser.

"I love it. It makes a lot of noise," she said. "The left door, if I turn a corner it flies open...It's boxy. It's big. It's tough."

You'd expect as much from someone who grew up driving a Ford F-150 around McLean, Va., where her father, Zbigniew Brzezinski, served as National Security Advisor under Jimmy Carter.

But though McLean provided the gas-guzzling setting of her youth, it is actually now home to a major innovator in electric automotive technology: there's been much ado about the Clinton right-hand man Terry McCauliffe, whose micro MyCar created by his GreenTech Automotive company has generated interest.

But Brzezinski doesn't seem interested in her friend's car.

"Well, Terry McCauliffe runs a company that makes electric cars," she said. "And I was thinking of getting one, but that one is too small, I think."

We imagine she'll stick to revving up her heavy-duty vehicles, as she claims she only buys used cars.

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