Planes trailer previews Disney tail-spinning off Cars franchise

Disney's Planes trailer – Click above to watch the video after the jump

Cars weren't actually the only machines with smiles in Cars. The Disney/Pixar animated feature that's about to spawn its second installment also included trucks, trains, combine harvesters and even helicopters with anthropomorphic faces. But now Disney is planning on taking things one step farther with a new movie called, simply enough, Planes.

The film's not due for release until 2013, and when it does, it will buzz the theaters and land directly on DVD. But to give us a taste of what's yet to come, Disney has released a little teaser video, hinting at the story of a prop plane trying to make it in a jet's world. Looks entertaining enough, but we'll let you judge for yourself from the Top Gun-esque trailer after the jump.

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