Porsche to nix manual option for next-gen Panamera? [w/poll]

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Porsche offers no lack of choices for the purist, but the Panamera isn't one of 'em. Despite being ridiculously capable, the company's four-door coupe is more for spirited cruising than track attack. Little wonder, then, that Porsche is reportedly likely to abandon the availability of a manual transmission on the next-generation Panamera.

The decision reportedly comes, naturally enough, from lack of demand for three pedals on the current sedan. Which makes enough sense, we suppose – while we'd take a GT3, for example, with a clutch pedal, when it comes to the Panamera, we can see most customers preferring to let the robot do the work.

The report comes from the German correspondent at Car and Driver, who just a couple of weeks ago brought better news for the enthusiast side of Stuttgart's fan base: namely, that the next-gen 911 will offer a seven-speed manual. That in addition to the seven-cog, dual-clutch PDK that will apparently be the sole choice on the next Panamera.

In other news, C/D also suggests that the next Panamera will receive electric power steering, an energy-saving technology whose main drawback has been that such systems are tough to tune while preserving steering feel, an essential Porsche ingredient.

So, assuming word of no manual Panamera is true, has Porsche made the right decision? Cast your vote in the poll below.

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