Fiat rolls out limited edition 500 Pop-Bi in Japan

Fiat 500 Pop-Bi – Click above for high-res image gallery

Want to get your hands on the latest special-edition Fiat 500? Don't book your flight for Malpensa – head to Japan instead, where the Italian automaker is offering this limited-run Pop-Bi edition.

Characterized by its yellow and black paint, the Fiat 500 Pop-Bi is available with either a fixed roof or the retracting canvas panel of the 500C. Though the special hatchback gets a black upper, the convertible version's is limited to the canvas, which seems like a shame.

The color scheme continues to the interior, save for the light roof-liner. Otherwise, it's essentially the same as Japan's base model, which means it comes with a 69-horsepower, 1.2-liter eight-valve four-cylinder and automatic gearbox. Pricing for the hatchback comes in at 2,100,000 yen (equivalent to about $26k), which places it right in the middle of the Fiat Japan's 1.2-liter 500 range. Only 50 examples will be offered, though, which are sure to be snapped up by the Sailor Moon crowd in short order.

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