Kyle Busch busted doing 128 mph while test-driving Lexus LFA

Life is tough, ain't it? We pay to see professional racing drivers hurtling around at breakneck speeds on the race track, but then give them tickets and even revoke their licenses for doing what they do best once off the race track. We see it all the time. Lewis Hamilton has run into his share of trouble. So has Danica Patrick. David Coulthard even got one during a Formula One demonstration on public streets. Even F1 team principals like Ross Brawn and Ron Dennis have run afoul of speed limits. And now, Kyle Busch is having his turn.

The front-running NASCAR driver was reportedly busted in Mooresville, North Carolina driving a yellow Lexus LFA supercar at 128 miles per hour in a 45 mph zone. Carry the one, divide by pi... that's nearly three times the posted limit. So did he get arrested and carted off to jail on the spot like the rest of us would? Not quite, but he did receive a citation and will have to answer for his illegal behavior, and could stand to lose his license. Fortunately, NASCAR doesn't require its drivers to have a valid state license in order to race.

The LFA was reportedly on loan to Busch from Lexus, whose parent company's Toyota stock cars he drives in NASCAR. This wasn't the first time Busch has been busted for reckless driving in public, having pleaded guilty to performing a burnout in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant in Virginia back in 2006, and cited for going 55 in a 35 zone in 2008 in the same Irdell County, NC, where he was busted again yesterday.

For his part, Busch has apologized for the incident and reportedly acted courteously towards law enforcement throughout the ordeal.

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