Some people we'll just never understand. Like those who'll look at a high-performance sports car and ask, "But where are you going to drive it?" Or the cops in Scottsdale, Arizona, who have given a speeding ticket to Danica Patrick yet again.

Never mind that for many police officers, a pretty girl batting her eyes would be enough to, um, get off...with a warning. And Danica's a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, for crying out loud. But the IRL's perennial favorite driver, former rookie of the year, winner of the Japan 300 and potential future F1 pilot was only going 54 miles-per-hour. Granted, that it was in a 35 mph zone, but come on. Danica's used to going 200 with her silky hair on fire. The last time she got pulled over in Scottsdale (home to her sponsor, she was ticketed for going 57 in a 40 zone. We've heard it before, nobody's above the law, yadda yadda yadda.... but somehow, this just ain't right.


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