Watchdog group blasts report that exonerates Toyota

Remember the reports released by NASA and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which concluded that Toyota's electronic systems were not to blame for cases of unintended acceleration? Watchdog group Safety Research & Strategies has a 51-page bone to pick with those papers.

According to The Safety Record, the advocacy group's publication, Safety Research & Strategies took a deep dive into unintended acceleration research reports. The group also obtained previously unreleased portions of the report, and the results seem to contradict the very defense that Toyota is using in its UA-related lawsuits.

The unreleased documents show that NASA was able to find electronics failures, which could cause unintended acceleration. Per The Safety Record, these research efforts were heavily influenced by Toyota and limited in scope. In fact, more of the research has yet to be revealed.

These are bold claims by Safety Research & Strategies, and you can read its findings by heading to SR&S website. This new report could spell serious trouble for the automaker, if the allegations are found to be accurate.

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