Dutch artist makes automotive masterpieces from scrap wood

Dutch artist Diedrich Kraaijeveld makes photorealistic sculptures of cars from painted pieces of wood. That's impressive enough, but here's the best part: Kraaijeveld's pieces are assembled from painted pieces of wood he scavenges and recycles. In other words, these perfectly color-matched and shaded collages take shape from scrap wood that Kraaijeveld gathers in specific colors.

Most of the pieces are made to replicate photographs, and almost none of them are started until Kraaijeveld has a glut of one color of wood. With the collection process taken care of, the forms of classic sports cars start to take shape. We're particularly fond of his Alfa Romeo Giulietta and Porsche 911.

According to Inhabitat, Kraaijeveld scavenges the wood from around his hometown in Holland and while on vacation in different parts of the world. Head over to Inhabitat to see more of Kraaijeveld's work.

Porsche 911 Information

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