Audi introducing roadside assistant apps for iPhone, Android, Blackberry

Audi is rolling out a new roadside assistance app for owners equipped with an iPhone, Blackberry or Android device, and drivers with older Audis can get in on the action as well.

Once you've download the app from the corresponding store, you enter your VIN and some basic personal information, and get access to Audi's roadside assistance program supplied by Allstate. Jump-starts, fuel delivery and towing are included in the service – free for new owners and requiring a fee for older models. The app also includes a dealer locator and taps into your smartphone's GPS functionality to pinpoint your location.

The Curve and Bold are the first two Blackberrys supported by the app (download here), with the iPhone and Android versions available at the Apple App Store and Android Market, respectively. Full details in the press blast after the break.
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Audi to introduce roadside assistance app for customers with smartphones in the U.S.
  • Free Audi Roadside Application for smartphones ready to use
  • Apps available on iTunes, BlackBerry App World and Android Market
  • Features include instant location capability through GPS, roadside dispatch details sent to callers and a dealer locator

Audi of America announced today that it will release a new Audi Roadside App for iPhone® users, as well as for Android® and some BlackBerry® devices.

The Audi Roadside App will be available for free download on iTunes®. BlackBerry users will be able to download the App on BlackBerry App World and Android device users can find it on the Android Market application.

The Audi Roadside App offers a range of leading-edge features that connect directly with Audi and its roadside assistance partner, Allstate Roadside Services. The app leverages the Audi customer's pre-registered vehicle information, a smartphone's GPS capabilities and an intuitive interface to help ease calls for roadside assistance.

The App works by accessing an Audi vehicle's basic information, which is stored as part of the broader roadside assistance service.

The Audi of America Roadside Assistance program combines a team of qualified dedicated customer service professionals with a comprehensive nationwide towing network to bring Audi customers assistance when they need it most. Audi includes complimentary 24/7 roadside assistance on all new Audi models sold in the United States and Puerto Rico for four years of upon delivery or warranty activation. Owners of older models can use the Audi Roadside App, but Allstate roadside service fees would apply.

"With this technology, Audi is making a valuable service far easier for customers to access said David S. Tait, General Manager, Service Operations, Audi of America. "Connecting Audi drivers to our Roadside Assistance Program, and its safety and service offerings is now literally at their fingertips."

Allstate Roadside Services has been the roadside assistance partner with Audi since October 2010. Allstate has more than 40 years of experience administering programs focused on enhancing the lives of drivers and developing customer loyalty.

The Audi Roadside App offers the following features:
Vehicle registration - Drivers simply provide their Audi vehicle identification number (VIN) and some basic personal information to register the App with their customer information on file. This lets Audi Roadside Services know who you are when you request service and greatly shortens the time it takes to dispatch service.

Audi Roadside Assistance - With a few simple steps, the driver selects the type of service they require (e.g. jump start, fuel delivery, tire change or tow) and the App locates the driver via the smartphone's GPS capabilities . The assistance request is sent to the Audi Roadside Assistance dispatcher as the call is connected to enable the dispatcher to provide faster service. Once the dispatch is complete, the App captures and conveniently stores the dispatch details including the name of the roadside provider en route to the customer and estimated time of arrival,.

Dealer Locator - For convenient access to dealer information, the Application allows users to search for dealers nearby or within a given city. The App displays the dealer's name, location, hours of operation and phone number. With one touch, the user can display nearby dealers on a map or immediately call the dealer. This is particularly helpful when a service appointment is required immediately.

Customers can learn more about the application at The Curve and the Bold are the first BlackBerry devices compatible with the Audi Roadside App. Others will follow soon. Downloads are available at the following Web destinations:


A user must have the GPS capabilities and services activated on their smart phone for this feature to function properly.

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