McLaren to produce street-legal MP4-12C GT3? [w/video]

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There's a grand tradition of turning a supercar into a race car, then turning it back into a road car again. Call it "life imitating art imitating life," or call it what you want, but we call it awesome. Ferrari, for example, did just that with the 360 Modena, which became the 360 Challenge racer and then the 360 Challenge Stradale road car. Maserati followed a similar formula with the GranTurismo, turned GranTurismo MC GT4 and back into the GranTurismo MC Stradale. McLaren's done it too, turning the original F1 into the F1 GTR racer and then back into the hyper-exclusive F1 LM road car. And now it could be ready to do so again with the latest MP4-12C.

The racing team-turned-automaker just rolled out the new GT3 racing version of the MP4, and has grand plans to produce a new model or variant annually for the next five years. A big brother to the MP4 and successor to the F1 is reportedly set for introduction by 2014, bearing more radical styling than the rather derivative 12C (and hopefully a more dynamic name, too). But before that, we could be looking at a road-ready GT3 model.

The standard approach of less weight, more power would likely be applied to the hardcore MP4 – the same sort of formula used on the likes of the Porsche 911 GT3 RS, Ferrari 430 Scuderia and Lamborghini Gallardo Superlegerra – to make for an even more extreme supercar. But while variations on the theme are in the pipeline, McLaren is reportedly eager to stay on the reasonable side of Porsche's approach of endless 911 variants. Click past the break to check out McLaren's official video covering the launch of the MP4-12C GT3.

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