You'll feel safe inside a Land Rover, no matter what sort of trouble you're in

Land Rover LR4 is a safe place... regardless of the trouble you're in – Click above to watch video after the jump

Land Rover builds tough vehicles, and it believes that occupants should feel safe when inside of them. We believe most people have a similar definition when discussing vehicular safety, but Land Rover owners might have other definitions of safety as well...

In a new commercial, Land Rover shows us that its LR4 is a safe haven from one soon-to-be-angry significant other that just discovered her man is a pathological liar. He's not named Jean-Luc, does not speak with a French accent and has a whole host of other things to confess. Thankfully, he can do so from the safety of his Land Rover.

It's not just this particular liar that feels safe either, as the LR4 can get dirty cops to comfortably confess and an timid manager to confront "the office sword collector." Click past the jump to watch the scenes unfold.
Land Rover – Pathological Liar

Land Rover – Dirty Cops

Land Rover – Sword Collector

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