Jaguar Land Rover planning 40 new debuts

Emerging from a tumultuous transition period, Jaguar Land Rover is intent on breaking out of the fringe and into the mainstream. But doing so with its current line-up would be a challenge. So the British automakers are planning a whole slew of new products – 40 in all – including new models, derivatives of existing ones and new powertrain technologies.

According to The Detroit Bureau, among Jaguar's plans is a new model to target the BMW 3 Series and the rest of the entry-level luxury set. The long-rumored model will represent a significant departure from the ill-fated X-Type, striving to embody the look and feel of larger Jaguars into a smaller package. What we didn't know until now, however, was that Jaguar is planning several body-style derivatives of its new small sedan. The X-Type included the first wagon ever offered by Jaguar, so a hatch could be among the offerings, along with a two-door coupe, four-door "coupe," convertible and others. As the Germans have shown, there's no limit to how many derivatives a model line can spawn, and it's precisely the Germans which Jaguar has in its sights.

Another new model on the horizon is a large crossover, a project on which we recently reported. While Jaguar has been careful not to step on sister-company Land Rover's feet, the feeling now is that there's enough territory in street-focused crossovers to stay clear of Land Rover's go-anywhere SUVs. While Jaguar's first crossover will target the Audi Q7 and BMW X5, a smaller model could also be in the works.

Beyond that, Jaguar is reportedly looking at further expanding the diversity of its powertrains with new diesels, hybrids and other propulsion technologies. Unfortunately, a production version of the C-X75 turbine-hybrid supercar concept doesn't appear in the cards. Plans are underway, however, to further separate the two brands from each other by implementing separate showrooms. Our own Jonathon Ramsey has more details on Jaguar Land Rover's plans for the future, so watch this space for more.

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