Video: Wrightspeed working on plug-in hybrid retro kit for big trucks

Green Overdrive interview with Ian Wright – Click above to view video after the jump

While we still haven't forgotten about the Ferrari-beating Wrightspeed X1 that never saw the light of day, we are glad to hear Wrightspeed hasn't left the electric scene. The company has set its sights on a more utilitarian project involving medium-duty trucks running on electricity. After a $5 million dollar cash infusion courtesy of a private investor last year, the company has been hard at work implementing its Digital DriveSystem (DDS) into a prototype truck that it showed to the public at their new factory recently.

The folks at Green Overdrive were there for the ribbon-cutting ceremony and had a chance to chat with Wrightspeed founder Ian Wright about the new range extended electric vehicle. What sets this ER-EV apart from say, a Chevy Volt, is the range extender uses a micro turbine engine, which is known for its power density and reliability. The electric motors, one at each wheel, are high-speed motors that use a two-stage gear reduction to give the trucks ample torque. Wright says a typical medium duty truck that gets 10 miles per gallon on diesel could see fuel economy on the order of 30 mpg with his kit.

Wrightspeed's immediate plan is for a retrofit kit for medium-duty trucks, followed by licensing the technology to any interested automaker. You can catch the full video interview after the break.

[Source: Green Overdrive via Electric Vehicle News]

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