Nissan 370Z plays chicken

Nissan 370Z races a chicken - Click above to watch video after the jump

The team at Nissan UK has worked up a new spot for the company's 370Z that features plenty of wing-to-fender action. Set in a seedy underworld where poultry is pitted against sheetmetal in a dire race for bragging rights, the 370Z is seen battling the latest descendant in a long line of racing chickens. The chicken in question supposedly excels in the corners, though predictably enough, he's no match for the tail-sliding action of the Z.

Does any of this make sense? Of course not, but neither do a bunch of rapping hamsters, and we still love those. Considering that Kia just walked away with the winning nod at the Nielsen Top Auto Ad of the Year awards for the company's "This or That" spot, Nissan may be hoping to cash in on the animal craze in its own way, though we have to wonder if the ad might not ruffle a few feathers over at PETA.

Hit the jump to watch Nissan's poultry in motion.

[Source: Nissan via YouTube]

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