Video: Finnish politician converts 1987 El Camino to run on wood gas

El Camino converted to run on wood gas – Click above to watch video after the jump

A Finnish politician by the name of Juha Sipila has converted his U.S.-built 1987 Chevrolet El Camino to run on wood gas, and we have an El Camino to rival Daryl Hannah's old biodiesel ride.

Sipila's El Camino, dubbed El Kamina (The Stove), features a wood gas setup – similar to the ones used in Europe during World War II – that consumes nearly half of the truck's bed. The El Kamina's 400-cubic-inch Chevy V8 engine can propel the 4,400-pound truck to 125 miles per hour and its bed can haul up to 175 pounds of wood, enough fuel for the truck to travel up to 800 miles.

Juha, a parliamentary candidate, seems to firmly believe that homegrown biofuels can reduce his country's dependence on oil and that's one of the reasons behind his conversion. Plus, if he's within 800 miles of some fallen timber, then running out of fuel isn't likely to be a problem. Hit the jump to see the tree branch-burning El Camino in action.

[Source: Gas 2.0, YouTube]

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