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Looks like I underestimated by around $2,000. As the auction for Daryl Hannah's matte black El Camino was ending yesterday, I guessed the bidding would reach $13,500. Since the car was a.) reconfigured to make it more biodiesel friendly and b.) owned and driven by Hannah herself for quite a while, it seemed that a jump of $4,000 in the last few hours of the auction was reasonable. Instead, the final bid was $15,600, and it looks like that beat Hannah's reserve price.

I'm a big fan of Daryl Hannah's biodiesel El Camino. Now, it turns out, I could buy it. According to Hannah's own website, this dark monster of a bio-car will be put up for sale on Dec. 20. The price and other details will be announced then, but Hannah is already telling us that she's offering up a B100 pump and station with "the baddest assest biodiesel 'el camino' ever." While some car sellers tell potential buyers that the vehicle was only driven to church on sunny days, Hannah is targeting a