Report: Nürburgring GP under threat

After recent elections in Germany's Rhineland-Palatinate state, the ruling SPD party lost its absolute majority, while the green party tripled its vote. Apparently, that means the future of Formula One racing at the Nürbürgring could be in serious danger. Losing all that F1 business would be a huge blow to the storied raceway, making its current financial woes even deeper.

While the historic track itself is apparently safe, at least from politicians, the green party says it takes issue with German tax dollars being used to help F1 make a huge profit. Currently, part of F1's contract to race at the legendary track is funded with state money, which isn't cool in the green party's book.

According to Rhineland-Palatinate green party chief Daniel Kobler, his party wants to work with SPD to end state funding for the race. Kobler says he isn't totally against there being races at the 'Ring, just how those races are funded. If the party gets its way, the future of the Nürbürgring GP could be seriously murky.

[Source: MaidenMotorsport]

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