Video: Top Gear Australia tries towing a 600-ton truck

Top Gear Australia tows a mining truck - Click above to watch video after the jump

Everyone knows the danger of exceeding your vehicle's tow rating. Perils aplenty await those foolhardy enough to brush off manufacturer recommendations, including nuked transmissions, en fuego brakes and popped head gaskets, to name just a few. But what happens when you put a standard-duty pickup truck up against something truly monumental. You know, something like a 600-ton mining truck?

The crew from Top Gear Australia wanted to know just that, so they borrowed a run-of-the-mill General Motors pickup, strapped one serious tow rope to the aft of both rigs and got down to business.

Or at least they tried.

Judging from the short preview clip after the break, things didn't go quite the way the TG team imagined. It wasn't for lack of trying that the big mining truck failed to budge an inch as the driver of the pickup sent a pair of what were certainly minty-fresh rear tires to their blazing great beyond. Follow the jump to check out the quick teaser.

[Source: CarPix via YouTube]

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