Video: A look back at the history of the Volkswagen Beetle

A history of the Volkswagen Beetle – Click above to watch video after the jump

Our cohorts over at AOL Autos have gone through the trouble of creating a video to take a look at the history of the Volkswagen Beetle. With the People's Automaker pulling the covers off the 2012 Beetle at this year's New York Auto Show, there couldn't be a more fitting time to crack open the history books and dive into the car's past. Editor-in-Chief David Kiley narrates the informative clip and covers everything from the vehicle's unfortunate beginnings to its widespread popularity in Germany and around the world.

The video features plenty of classic footage of workers assembling the Bugs themselves as well as more than a few great vintage advertising spots. There's even an airborne Beetle for your viewing enjoyment.

Kiley helps remind us that the "New" Beetle was largely responsible for helping to save Volkswagen in America back when the brand was struggling to get a grasp on our market. Hit the jump to check out the clip for yourself.

[Source: YouTube]

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