Autoblog's 2011 April Fools' Round-up

No, the Honda Accord Crosstour Cabriolet is not real. Today is April 1st (aka April Fools' Day), and on the Internet, that means faux news. Thus we present the 2011 Autoblog April Fools' Round-up:
Cadillac is prepping a dual-rear-wheel heavy-duty Platinum-edition pickup truck. (PickupTrucks)

A convertible Volt is under the works at Chevrolet. (Road & Track)

Fab-Veloce supercar is being tested in Albania. (Jason Harper)

EPA wants automakers to "round-down" the number of letters in their names. (Motor Authority)

Charlie Sheen develops Sheen's Ravines app for your smartphone. (All Car Tech)

Ford and Microsoft are bring Kinect technology to the Focus. (Hooniverse)

Chevrolet packs Volt technology into pickup truck to bring us the ET Electric Truck. (GM Inside News)

BP has developed a liquid electrolyte transfer system that allows electric cars to fill up like traditional ones. (All Cars Electric)

NuTankX pioneers on-the-go tank swapping tech. (Green Car Reports)

Ray Wert steps down as Gawker's automotive arm becomes Autoblognik (Jalopnik)

Ferrari plans to bring hybrid technology to entire lineup. (0-60)

Group B will return in 2012. (0-60)

Subaru decides bigger is better and reveals the Grand Outback. (The Detroit Bureau)

Gawker decides to return Jalopnik to its original blog design. (CarScoop)

BMW develops M3 pickup truck (Autoblog)

Will and Kate will get married in style with the BMW M3 Royal Edition. (In Auto News)

Autoglass has developed self-repairing glass. (Youtube)

Goodwood to cover hill-climb road with one million red bricks. (Skid Marks)

Kia works with pigeon expert to forecast "bird strikes". (Snows Group Kia)

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