Honda Accord Crosstour Cabriolet coming to take on Nissan's topless Murano

Honda Accord Crosstour Cabriolet – Click above for high-res image

Are unconventional droptops becoming the darling of the automotive industry? Honda is evidently paying close attention to the new Murano CrossCabriolet from Nissan, and apparently it likes what it sees. Historically averse to convertibles (small-volume jobs like the S2000 excluded), the Japanese automaker now plans to offer a soft-top CUV of its own, and the unlikely choice for a roofectomy is the slow-selling Honda Accord Crosstour.

Unimaginatively dubbed the Accord Crosstour Cabriolet, this convertible features a two-plus-two interior seating arrangement and unlimited headroom. Under the hood sits the familiar 3.5-liter V6 engine, which produces 271 horsepower and 254 pound-feet of torque. Like the fixed-roof Crosstour, the Cabriolet will be offered with front- and all-wheel drive, giving it more configurablility than the AWD-only Murano. Like the Nissan, the cabrio conversion has resulted in two fewer doors and the merciful exclusion of a basket-handle structural support. Oddly, to our eyes, the Crosstour Cabriolet almost looks more attractive than the hunchbacked hardtop – at least with the top down.

When it goes on sale this summer, the Honda Accord Crosstour Cabriolet will sit atop the Crosstour's pricing structure. The fully-loaded Crosstour we reviewed in 2010 had a sticker price of $36,930, so expect the convertible to come in right at a stitch over the $40K mark. That's a bit less than the $47,190 Nissan wants for its Murano CrossCab.
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