Detroit City Council honors Chrysler's Super Bowl commercial [w/video]

Chrysler's Super Bowl commercial – Click above to watch the video after the jump

Chrysler's two-minute long Super Bowl commercial won nationwide praise for its uplifting, can-do message about the embattled city of Detroit. And if you think the novella-sized spot for the Chrysler 200 was popular across the U.S., then you can imagine how the ad played within the borders of the city itself.

The Detroit Free Press reports that the Detroit City Council paid homage to the Eminem ad with an official recognition on Tuesday. The council tipped its hat to Team Pentastar for painting the city in a positive light, adding that the spot "helped to paint a positive portrayal of our beloved city on a national level by filming the entire commercial inside the city of Detroit and showcasing all of our great landmarks." Chrysler brand CEO Olivier Francois said that the ad paid homage to a great city and the home of the auto industry.

When we first saw the two-minute commercial we couldn't help but think that Chrysler should have featured the hot-looking 300 instead of the Sebring-derived 200 (even though the former is built in neighboring Canada). But in retrospect, we're thinking that the power of this ad made the car itself an afterthought in the long run. Hit the jump to watch the commercial again.

[Source: Detroit Free Press]

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