Video: How not to rescue your truck from a frozen lake

How not to rescue your truck from a frozen lake - Click above to watch video after the jump

There's a reason tow truck drivers charge so much money for their talents. Extricating a vehicle from a sticky situation is an art that requires more skill than simply knowing where to hook the cables and what lever to pull. If you aren't extremely careful, you can easily turn a bad situation worse just by applying too much force in the wrong area at the wrong time. Need proof? Have a look at the video after the jump. The clip shows a poor GMC Sierra capsized on a frozen lake and the ensuing attempt to get it back on its feet.

Rather than enlist the assistance of a qualified tow truck operator, the helpful hands on scene apparently decided to take matters into their own hands with a little boost from a piece of heavy equipment. Unfortunately, the truck had other ideas. Hit the jump to see what happens for yourself. Just be warned, there's a lot of swearing on the video that's completely NSFW.

[Source: Streetfire]

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