Renault announces dirt cheap price for all-electric Twizy, just $9,700* U.S.

2011 Renault Twizy – Click above for high-res image gallery

It's not like Renault is really fighting anyone for the ultra-quirky, two-seat urban electric vehicle market, but if anyone wants to undercut the Twizy on price, it'll be tough. That's because Renault's design chief, Laurens Van Den Acker, said at the Geneva Motor Show today that the Twizy (pictured above at last year's Paris show) will start at just €6,990 (that's only $9,700 U.S. at today's exchange rate). Of course, at that price, you still need to lease the battery, but Renault is charging just €45 ($62) a month for that privilege. That doesn't include the cost of electricity, but it's also less than most cell phone bills. Think about that for a minute.

The Twizy will go on sale in Europe later this year, and we'll keep watching for more detailed information. If Nissan is having problems building the $32,780 Leaf fast enough now, how will Renault manage to get a much cheaper Twizy to all the people who want one?

[Source: Renault-Nissan]

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