Video: Ferd F-Teenthousand parody commercial nails it

The Ferd F-Teenthousand – Click above to watch the video after the jump

Every time a new pickup truck debuts, we get bombarded by marketing campaigns telling us how it's more powerful, more luxurious, more capable and more economical than any other truck on the market. Every automaker plays this game. Now, though, every single truck on the planet has officially been lowered on the totem pole. Meet the Ferd F-Teenthousand.

Capable of towing 18 other trucks and making a new home for a beached whale, the Ferd F-Teenthousand comes with chest hair upholstery and a beard in the glove box. In fact, it's so big and brutal that the United States government has apparently classified it as a tank. And not just one tank, eight tanks.

Pretty cool, right? Wrong. Really cool.

Follow the jump to see this parody advertisement, created by humorist Mark Little, all about the supreme majesty that is the Ferd F-Teenthousand. Really cool.

[Source: YouTube via Jalopnik]

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