Report: Tesla Model X crossover coming to Frankfurt?

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Up to this point, the only actual vehicle Tesla Motors has offered for sale is the all-electric Roadster. But the Silicon Valley-based automaker has drummed up a ton of interest and money by showing off its next planned product, the Model S sedan. It looks as if that trend will continue, as a report from the fine folks at Car and Driver suggests that the automaker's new crossover, the Model X, will be shown off for the first time at the Frankfurt Motor Show this fall. This makes some sense, since Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said that we'll get to see the Model X before the end of the year. The Los Angeles show later in the fall would be another possibility.

Assuming this report is accurate, it's worth noting that the CUV's appearance in Frankfurt will mark the first time Tesla has used a major auto show to introduce a new model – both the original Roadster and the Model S sedan were both unveiled in smaller, private events.

The CUV will be based on the same underpinnings as the Model S sedan, which was designed from the start to allow for future model expansion. C&D speculates the crossover will sport all-wheel drive, though it's not known exactly how such an arrangement will work. It's possible that Tesla will craft a second powertrain unit that will power the front wheels independently of the rears. We'd expect a similar lithium ion battery pack to be used in the CUV as is planned for the sedan.

Following the unveil of the crossover, development of both a coupe and a larger, likely three-row sport utility vehicle will move forward in full force. There's also been talk of a carbiolet and possibly a minivan or MPV. Of course, all of this assumes that the startup automaker, which has partnered up with both Daimler and Toyota, doesn't run out of money before any of these future vehicles come to market. Here's hoping.

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