Video: Audi Super Bowl ad features Kenny G as prison warden

Kenny G is Head of Riot Supression – Click above to watch the videos after the break

Audi today announced that Grammy-winning saxophonist Kenny G will make a "humorous" appearance (we could assume it would try to be humorous...) in the brand's 60-second spot during Super Bowl XLV.

The ad, set to air in the first break after kick-off on February 6, 2011, will feature an adventurous prison escape scene that culminates with a comical cameo by Kenny G as the luxury prison Riot Suppressor.

The german automaker launched a couple of online long-form teaser videos – neither of which actually features an automobile – for the commercial that you can find after the break, along with details on how you could win prizes from Audi, including the chance to drive an R8 at a racetrack.

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These videos and commercial come on the heels of an ad launched by Audi that pays homage to the children's book "Goodnight Moon," and try to contrast Audi (defined by the company as "progressive" luxury against "old" luxury like Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

Audi of America chief marketing officer Scott Keogh says Audi is becoming seen as a "smarter" luxury choice than the company's German rivals for its high resale value, design and better-than-the-competition telematics connectivity. He also says that Mercedes and BMW are becoming "Snooki-Ized" in the U.S., a reference to MTV's "Jersey Shore," and the star castmember "Snooki" who drives a BMW.

The first online video is a spoof on the "Scared Straight" program in which hoodlum teenagers are taken to prison to see how hard the life is in the hopes of "scaring them straight." In this spoof, young rich kids (one is wearing four Polo shirts at once, all with the collars up) are taken to the prison for the rich in the hopes of scaring them into more progressive ideas of luxury.

The second long-form teaser introduces us to the Head of Riot Suppression at the Luxury Prison, played by everyone favorite wind-instrument musician, Kenny G.

Audi also kicks off Super Bowl week online with multiple social media elements that allow fans to join the movement to redefine luxury. Starting today, fans can visit Audi on Face book and Twitter to RSVP to Audi's two social media contests aimed at saying goodbye to old luxury and hello to Progressive Luxury.

The Audi Progressive Luxury Trade-up contest on Twitter – officially kicking off on Thursday, Feb. 3 – invites users to go head-to-head for the most creative and compelling definition of Progressive Luxury. By including the hash tag #Progress Is and the URL in their tweets, users will be entered into the contest. The top 10 tweets will be awarded a virtual old luxury prize, such as an antique pocket watch, which they will have a chance to trade up for Progressive Luxury prizes, such as a leading-edge designed R8 Chronograph watch.

The Grand Prize will be an exhilarating R8 drive at the Audi sportscar experience in Sonora, California, where winners will enjoy the ultimate in progressive luxury through an exhilarating track driving program and exclusive weekend. Audi will also award $25,000 to a charity on behalf of the grand prize winner. Starting today, users can visit to RSVP in advance for the contest.

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