All-electric Myers Motors Duo trike on target for April 2011 deliveries

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It's been about 15 months since the first pics of the Myers Motors Duo were released, and there hasn't exactly been a snowstorm of news about the car since then. The company is going a bit public with a new blog called "The Electric Car that Could." The name came from Dana Myers' daughter, but, Dana writes:

I loved it, but I do need to mention that, as you can see, our vehicle is a three-wheel vehicle with a tear drop shape that is great for aerodynamics but, because it is a three-wheel vehicle, it is classified as a motorcycle: it is not a car (as the blog title might suggest).

So, what's up with this electric trike? Myers told AutoblogGreen that:

We are in the process of building out our two passenger electric vehicle and have some people who were interested in pre-production vehicles. This blog was started to give them an update on where things stood.

That update includes a timeline for the vehicle that currently exists ony in full-scale foam mock-up form. Myers says that the the first real Duo will be ready in March and that pre-production vehicles will be delivered this April. Last time we heard, the car should cost around $24,995, give or take. Oh, and that Duo name shares more than three letters with the company's previous car, the NMG. The earlier vehicle stood for "No More Gas." The two-person Duo means, well, "Doesn't Use Oil."

Myers Motors Duo
Myers Motors Duo
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