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As expected, Myers Motors has revealed their new two-seat model to the world, and it's a much slicker version of the long-in-the-tooth NMG. From the renderings sent to us by Myers, we can see that the vehicle does feature side-by-side seating and retains the NMG's quirky center-mounted headlight. The new car adds headlights on the sides of the vehicle and has a much more refined nose and swoop from front to top. We're also big fans of the new lines on the sides, which almost make the car look elegant enough to not be a motorcycle (but, with three wheels, this will indeed be classified as one).

The new vehicle – referred to in the past as the NMG2 but just called the "new two-passenger model" in the press release – has a top speed of 75 mph, a 60-mile range and will supposedly cost less than $30,000. Myers will also offer an upgraded 100-mile model. Both vehicles will use lithium-ion batteries and Myers is saying that the batteries will be good for 100,000 miles. Myers Motors president Dana Myers said that the new two-seater should begin production in the fourth quarter of 2010. More information will be released "over the next several weeks" on the Myers Motors website.

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Myers Motors introduces new two-passenger, 75 mph electric vehicle.

Tallmadge, OH - Myers Motors manufactures and sells the only 100% electric- powered, highway speed vehicles available for under $30,000 in the US, the single- passenger NmG. Consumer feedback on the single-passenger vehicle led the design process for Myers Motors' new two-passenger model, which will also cost less than $30,000. Like the NmG, the new model will feature Myers' advanced lithium battery system that provides drivers with a standard 60-mile range. This range covers over 80% of America's daily driving habits. Myers Motors also plans to give owners an option to upgrade the range to 100 miles to fit their commuting needs.

The two-passenger model is also designed for easy overnight charging, and, depending on local electricity prices, should only cost about 2-cents per mile to drive. Recharging overnight prevents overtaxing the electric grid, and in some locations may even allow EV owners to receive a discount on electricity rates for the recharge.

Dana Myers, Founder and President of Myers Motors said, "While people love our zippy single-passenger model, we know that sometimes you want to take a friend along for the ride – and soon you can." He continued, "Our goal is to make electric vehicles more affordable for average Americans." Myers anticipates production of this new vehicle will begin in the 4th quarter of 2010.
More details about the new vehicle will be revealed over the next several weeks on the Myers Motors website,

About Myers Motors Myers Motors has been the only company selling and delivering three-wheel highway speed (75 mph) all-electric vehicles in the United States since 2006, following an intensive two-year R&D process. Manufactured in Tallmadge, Ohio, Myers Motors vehicles feature a lithium-battery system for extended range and battery life. The 60-mile range of their lithium battery vehicles covers more than 80% of all daily distance needs in the U.S., while the addition of the second passenger covers almost 9 out of every 10 trips taken in the U.S. In addition to the extended driving range, the new batteries should last over 100,000 miles for a vehicle driven an average of 60 miles a day. The Myers Motors team continues building a future in which fun, practical, and affordable electric vehicles are the norm for daily transportation needs

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