Adrian Hallmark, Jaguar's Global Brand Director, has already said the British-bred, Indian-owned luxury brand needs a crossover. While some may rightly argue that point, the fact of the matter is that a Land Rover-based 'ute wearing the classic Leaping Cat seems like a foregone conclusion at this point.
And that means it's time for some Rendered Speculation. Photo-manipulator extraordinaire Jon Sibal was commissioned by the boys from to combine the recently unveiled Range Rover Evoque with the current fascia and styling details exemplified most recently by the Jaguar XJ sedan... and the result is, well, pretty much exactly what you'd expect.

As for us? We're casting a great big 'No' in the general direction a Jaguar crossover, not that our vote counts for anything. As we see it, utility belongs in the Land Rover showroom and classic British luxury with a sporty bent operates from the Jaguar corner...

[Source: Jon Sibal]

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