Ford Windstar recalled again, this time for suspension issues

Back in August, Ford recalled 462,750 Windstar minivans in Salt-belt states for rear axle corrosion problems, with another 117,000 units recalled in Canada. Then Utah's 29,900 Windstar owners were added to the list in November. In 2009, Ford also recalled 1.7 million Windstars for faulty cruise control deactivation switches.

So is the much maligned Windstar finally over its recall addiction? Hardly. The Detroit News reports that Ford is issuing another recall for 425,000 1999-2003 Windstars in 22 cold-weather states. The recall focuses this time on the front suspension's lower control arm, rear attaching brackets and body mount attachments, all of which can potentially corrode to the point of becoming a safety hazard. DetNews says that one possible cause of the corrosion problem is condensation from air conditioning lines that drip on the subframe on the right-front side of the vehicle.

Ford actually informed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that it was issuing the recall, adding that the company was replacing the parts even though it didn't feel the repairs were necessary. Ford likely issued the recall in response to NHTSA intensifying its investigation of the minivan to an engineering analysis back in December.

Ford will reportedly begin repairing the recalled minivans as early as March, and some loaner vehicles may be offered while repairs are made.

[Source: Detroit News]

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