The new Ferrari Four from a different angle

2012 Ferrari Four – Click above for high-res image gallery

Red may be the iconic color for Ferrari, but not all Ferraris look good in the company's trademark scarlet shade. Especially the flagship four-seat GTs, like the outgoing 612 Scaglietti and the 456 GT that came before it. But just about every car looks best from the front 3/4 view. So it may have stricken some as a little odd that when Ferrari unveiled the new FF, it only released three initial shots: a front view, a rear view and the side profile... all in red.

Now it's released a handful of additional photos, including three shots of the test mule drifting through snow banks from the launch video, plus the solitary three-quarter front/side view you see above in silver. Is it looking better? Worse?

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[Source: Ferrari]

Show full PR text publishes more images of the new FF

Maranello, 25 January - From today the gallery on includes a new studio shot of the FF in an elegant Grigio Ferro Met. grey. Along with this studio shot are three images which document the strenuous development testing carried out on the four-wheel-drive system over the snow-bound roads of Sweden and Finland. These depict the prototype development mule clad in camouflage used during the long-term testing of the Ferrari-patented 4RM system.

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