Video: Official Ferrari FF intro vid from unveiling

Ferrari FF unveil video - Click above to watch video after the jump

Ferrari has dropped the introduction video for the company's new FF onto the YouTubes and the short flick shows off the extensive testing that the four-seater underwent on its way toward becoming a full-fledged production model. Engineers flogged prototypes of the FF in nearly every corner of the globe, from dirt roads and frozen paths in Argentina to tracks in France and Italy. The Prancing Horse even spent some time in Sweden to iron out any kinks that might arise during severe cold weather. The result of all that abuse is the company's first four-wheel drive, V12, four-seat sports car.

Ferrari says that its 4RM part-time all-wheel drive system is lighter than standard units, helping give the FF its 47:53 weight balance. Speaking of weight, the newest horse in the Ferrari stable weighs in at less than 4,000 pounds and packs a start/stop system help conserve fuel. Somehow we're guessing that fuel consumption isn't on the top of your priority list if you're itching to park one of these things in the garage. Hit the jump to see the full video.

[Source: YouTube]

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