EPA approves E15 for 2001-2006 Model Year vehicles

The E15 struggle continues with an announcement by the EPA today that E15 (a fuel made up of 15 percent ethanol and 85 percent gasoline) is safe to use in Model Year 2001-2006 vehicles. Last October, the Agency said that 2007 or newer vehicles could safely use the biofuel, and that kicked off a lot of discussion on the safety of the biofuel and a series of lawsuits. Read more on that here.

The ethanol industry and the EPA have also been fighting over a new warning label that would appear on E15 pumps. The EPA's noticeable orange sticker is seen above right, while the less aggressive proposal from the ethanol industry is on the left side. Now that E15 has been given the go-ahead, we're sure someone will have some sort of response soon. Oh, wait, there already is one. The AP quotes Craig Cox of the Environmental Working Group as saying, "It seems like corn growers and the ethanol industry are the only real winners here."

[Source: AP]

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