When the EPA approved gasoline with 15 percent ethanol content (E15) for Model Year 2007 and newer vehicles last week, it set off a wave of criticism that drivers would have trouble at the pump discerning which fuel was right for their tank. After all, everyone from police to thieves have wrongly put diesel in a gasoline-powered car (or vice versa). To remedy the situation, the EPA has now issued a mock-up of bright orange warning label that could be applied to pumps. For the record, the sticker says:
Caution! This fuel contains 15% ethanol maximum. Use only in:
2007 and newer gasoline cars
2007 and newer light-duty trucks
Flex-fuel vehicles
This fuel might damage other vehicles. Federal law prohibits its use in other vehicles and engines.
Like most EPA decisions of this type, the agency has an open comment period that will run for 60 days once the proposal is published in the Federal Register. You can make your comments via email or mail (details here). If the EPA goes ahead and approves E15 for older vehicles soon, as we've heard it will, then this all seems like a temporary "solution" to a problem no one will have, but for now, what are your reactions?

[Source: EPA via Domestic Fuel]

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