Rinspeed BamBoo concept pops its top with artist Jamez Rizzi

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There's a lot of adjectives you could ascribe to Rinspeed's wild creations. After all, each one is as different from the one that came before as it is from any other car on the road or the show stand. So if we had to pick one, it would be "unique." And the latest Geneva-bound BamBoo concept car is no exception.

Initially released about a month back, the BamBoo is an off-beat concept for an easy-going car-about-town designed for vacation homes and resort destinations. A grown-up golf cart is what the quirky Swiss designer itself calls the vehicle. But in case it wasn't unique enough, Rinspeed has now taken measures to make it even more so.

Teaming up with pop artist James Rizzi, the BamBoo has been turned into the kind of rolling canvas we know as an Art Car. But despite the image above, as well as the usual formula that calls for an all-enveloping design, by the time the veil lifts at the Geneva Palexpo in March, Rizzi will have applied his – there's that word again – unique talents only to the vehicle's inflatable roof surface. There will also be a little bird on the B pillar that, like a mood ring, is supposed to convey the occupants' disposition to the world passing them by. Follow the jump for the full press release.

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James Rizzi and Car Visionary Frank M. Rinderknecht join forces:
Contemporary Pop-Art Meets Lifestyle Concept Car "BamBoo"

For the 33rd anniversary of Swiss concept car creator Rinspeed at the Geneva Motor Show founder Frank M. Rinderknecht - as usual - came up with something highly unusual: A special dose of creativity from world metropolis New York City gives both the stand and Rinspeed's latest concept car creation "BamBoo" a special touch, courtesy of indefatigable contemporary pop artist James Rizzi. The inflatable roof of the "BamBoo" is decorated with a hand painted Rizzi beach scene. His unique icon - the Rizzi bird - is also a must: It is attached to the "BamBoo's" roll bar and can change color to communicate the occupants' mood to the outside world - green could stand for "I feel like meeting new people. Where is the next party?"

The "BamBoo" is the only true lifestyle vehicle with electric drive. It doesn't only offer pure pleasure for the eyes, but let's its occupants breathe the intoxicating lavender aromas of the south, the salty breezes of the beach and the sweet resinous fragrances of the pine forests in almost noiseless travel. "BamBoo" represents sheer joy of life, without remorse. Rinderknecht: We were inspired by nature and have designed it for connoisseurs who aim to set themselves apart more with less - being different, living differently, enjoying differently. Naturally different.

If its creators get their wish the "BamBoo" will not remain a one-off but will enter into series production either as an electric or conventionally powered version. It will find its way to car rental locations and into the hands of vacation home occupants around the globe, wherever the sun shines brightly: from the Mediterranean to the Middle East, to Thailand, the Caribbean and to Florida. Purely Saint Tropez.

The partners and suppliers in the realization of the "BamBoo" are:

4erC GmbH - www.4erc.ch
AEZ Leichtmetallräder GmbH - www.aez-wheels.com
AkzoNobel Car Refinishes - www.akzonobel.com
A.T. Kearney Global Management Consultants - www.atkearney.com
Carl F. Bucherer - www.carl-f-bucherer.com
Continental Automotive Switzerland - www.continental-corporation.com
Esoro AG - www.esoro.ch
German E Cars GmbH (Fräger Gruppe) - www.german-e-cars.de
Goodyear Dunlop Tires Germany GmbH - www.goodyear.de
Harman Automotive Systems - www.harman.com
Henkel Technologies - automotive.henkel.com
HTC Europe - www.htc.com
J. Eberspächer GmbH & Co. KG - www.eberspaecher.com
James Rizzi - www.james-rizzi.com / www.art28.com
Konrad Hornschuch AG - www.hornschuch.de
M-Divizion Werbeagentur GmbH - www.m-divizion.com
MBtech Group GmbH - www.mbtech-group.com
RWE Effizienz GmbH - www.rwe-mobility.com
Schöller Immobilien- u. Beteiligungs GmbH - www.schoeller-wool.com
Tecnotex AG – www.tecnotex.ch
Ticona GmbH - www.ticona.com
Weisbrod-Zürrer AG - www.weisbrod.ch

Special thanks to:

Digitec AG - www.digitec.ch
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